This is why the HMC hygiene management certificate is so important for hotels

The way to the certificate

Three arguments why
the HMC Hygiene Management Certificate
is so important for hotels

Important hygiene issues for guests are addressed

Less hygiene risks due to the HMC certification: "Are the pillows clean?"; “Is the toilet free from dangerous germs?”; "Is the carpet in the bedroom hygienically safe?" Fears about:

  • Germs,
  • Bugs and
  • Dirt from previous persons

worries guests.

To build trust by the recommendation of others

“Nothing creates more trust than confirmation by third parties”: With the HMC Hygiene Certificate, a hotel cannot only claim that it is following basic hygiene rules, it can also prove it. Trust is an important prerequisite for more bookings. 

The logo was selected from over 200 proposals in an international competition.

It stands for cleanliness, internationality and credibility and is visually attractive and memorable. The logo immediately signals the high level of hygiene relevance to the guests.

Take advantage of this!

Our mission: Every hotel must be able to achieve HMC Hygiene Certification

Because hygiene is a matter of course, HMC hygiene certification must be attainable for every hotel with solid hygiene management - that is our concern. In addition, some excellence criteria are provided for the best.

Three steps towards the certification


Ask for a quote

We would be happy to send you a binding offer.


Schedule an appointment for the audit

Appointments for the audit are generally possible approx. 4 weeks in advance. One day must be scheduled for the audit.


This is how the audit works

A trained auditor carries out an approx. 5 to 6 hour inspection in the hotel according to the checklist. ...First of all, the hygiene management is assessed. This is followed by an examination of the infrastructure (reception, elevators, stairs, kitchen, restaurant, swimming pool, sauna, overnight area, bathroom, outdoor facilities, etc.). The hotel receives a comprehensive report. If 80 percent of all criteria and all "KO criteria" have been met, the HMC Hygiene Certificate is awarded, combined with the right to use the associated logo while the certificate is valid.

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